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"This beach house is the PERFECT choice for any getaway, and for us it was the perfect wedding location!!  Our wedding party of 12 slept comfortably and had plenty of "personal" space as well. My husband and I had the entire 3rd floor which is the Master bedroom. The bathroom spoiled us!  It was large enough for my bridesmaids and myself to get ready before the wedding. We had lots of girl time on the balcony at night!!The 2nd floor was so perfect with kitchen and living room and bedrooms that our guests could not stop aweing over it! The 1st floor is large enough that the groomsmen named it the "bachelor pad"!

 The back of the house was our favorite part! We got married right outside the house! We had over 100 guests attend our ceremony, and not one person felt enclosed! The sunset at 6:30 is the most amazing portrait you will ever witness!!! (Thank you, Cecelia for suggesting that time) The "Monkey Bar" was no doubt the biggest attraction all week! No more running inside to mix a drink, or get a beer out of the fridge, or even watch T.V! The house also has surround sound, so we would crank the music up, lounge in the hammock, play basketball, lay out, or pretend to be bartender! Thank you SO much, Lynda, for allowing my friends and family to be a part of such an amazingly beautiful wedding! Our photographer has published many pictures in our local magazine of our ceremony shots!  Also, thank you for the beautiful roses on our wedding day! We plan to visit again in the near future!"

Mr & Mrs Burkes - Arkansas

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